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 Hello Guest, On Sat Dec 10th, 2022 
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Forum Members Keyboards And Equipment. Click On The Link To Go To The Members Profile

I have an E L 70 organ and 2 keyboards the Yamaha 670 which i have for busking although i have non done any yet i have plaued in a couple of nursing homes and a couple of years ago i played for the United Reformed church mid night Christmas services as thier organist was away i am not a brilliant player and certainly will never be travelling the lengh and breadth of he country on organ fax Dear me i forgot to mention that i have the flagship of the keyboards the TYROS 5 soon i undertand to br followed on by a new Tyros 6 i dont mind being corrected if i have got this wrong its only hearsay perhaps some one may be able to confirm this

Yamaha Tyros 5


Ableton Push Looking for first keyboard!

alesis recital pro, technics ea3 organ

Alto Live 88. Roland A33. CME UF70.

Alto Professional Live 88 CME UF70 V2 Roland XP50 VArranger 2 Software Arranger

An absurd amount of instruments......

Ar100 kn2000

Atelia AT800

baby genos

Basic keyboard

Bugari accordion Ketron MS60 keyboard, Ketron X4 sound module and Ketron SD7 keyboard New Ketron SD-7 on order. Ketron SD 7 arrived and working well.. Crashed 3 times, but just like a computer. Great sounds



Casio CT-S400

Casio CTK 810IN

Casio WK-6500

Casio WK-6600 Yamaha YPT-300


Clavinova CVP 307,PSR S950 Cubase 8 pro, Steinberg UR44, Nektar Panorama P1 Yamaha keyboard

Clavinova cvp 503

Clavinova CVP405 Yamaha XG 50 Soft synth +XG Works Novatation Impulse 61 Ableton live 8 lite Sona 8 Producer


Currently Casio MZ-X500 had had korg,tyros and PSRs

Currently without arranger keyboard. Just sold my Korg PA800 and Ketron SD1. Hoping to purchase the Korg PA1000 in time. Since 2015 I have been trying to play the piano. have got a very old yamaha stage piano ( P80) and am in the process of testing the Yamaha DGX660 as a possible replacement.

Currently: Yamaha MODX7 Arturia MKII 61 key controller EMU Vintage Keys module

CVP 207

CVP 609 Acoustic Piano

CVP 609 PE

CVP and Tyros1


dgx640 psr ew400

Fender Rhodes Mk 1




















Genos and PA4X

Genos I7 computer and soft synths, Cubase 11

Genos and PSR970

Genos andTyros 5 and Yamaha WX5 wind synth.

Genos TRX Luxury System with Yamaha P45, CVP 809PE, KMS 104 Condenser Mic, 1929 Steck Grand Piano Player Piano, Logic Pro X

Genos Version2

Genos with TRX system Yamaha EL900 with T.O.I.A.B Korg Pa4X with Bose speakers

Genos xl . Moniteur active - HS 7 Yamaha Micro condensateur BOYA 1000 micro Finder Ipad air

Genos Yamaha


Genos, Bose L1 Compact (Previous Tyros I & II user)

Genos, Casio XW-P-1 synth,Korg EK50,Waldorf Streichfett string synth module

genos, lowrey organ

Genos, MotifXF8, Cubase

Genos, PA Yamaha 300

Genos, Technics KN5000.... and a couple of really old Yamaha early keyboards

Genos, Tyros5, PSR-S975, PSR 2100 and PSR 47.

Genos. Some spoons

Genos/BA-330. PSR-EW410/KS-SW100. CT-X5000/KC-110. CTK-3500. CTK-1500. CTK-240.

Hammond B3, Yamaha C5 Acoustic Grand, misc. Synths

Hammond XE200SE Organ with Neo Instruments Ventilator, Roland Fantom XR and a Tyros 4.

Hofner 61/62 Violin Bass.

Hohner PSK

I am professional songwriter.

I currently perform with a Solton(ketron) MS50 for the past 22years. I bought a psrs950 and plan to bring it online in the near future.

I do not play a keyboard

I don't yet have one! Any suggestions welcome..

I have a Tyros 5 and I am pleased with it it gives me all I want.

I have owned various makes of Organ/Keyboard including Tyros 1,2,3,now proud owner of a tyros 5

I own a Tyros 3 which I have mastered and have learnt everything there is to know about Keyboards

I play a midi accordion with an Audya 4 and also a Tyros 3

I play PSR 970 and PSR 750

I will have an S950, a Peavey mic, along with Sennheiser pro headphones. I like to travel light!!!!

Kawai digital piano

Kawai MP11 and Yamaha Tyros 3

Kawai SR6 organ, Leslie 760 Customised Kawai K1m module. Yamaha PSR-S900

Keen hobbyist Plays Orla Grande Theatre Organ Yamaha AR100 Organ Korg PA4 Keyboard

Ketron SD1 plus

Ketron SD40, Roland E-A7, Korg Microkey 61, Bose L1 Compact, Aiwa Exos-9, Crown CM311A, Motion Sound, Mobile Sheets Pro

Ketron SD7. RCF EVOX12/ Yamaha mixer.

Keyboards Korgs PA4X, Yamaha Genos, Casio CTK-MX5000, Various Midi Keyboards. Guitars Gretsch, Yamaha Pacifica, Fender Stratocaster, Fazley Electric Bass, Fender 3/4 Size classical, Yamaha 3/4 Steel String, ESP LP, Gear4Music Lap Steel Guitar. Ukuleles 1 Clearwater Electric Ukulele, Kala Tenor Resonator, Kala Archtop Tenor, Caramel Tenor Ukulele. Flute Called GRRRRRR! Microphones Peavey PVM 50, Shure SM58, Behringer C1, Behringer C4, Rode Smartlav. Mixers Behringer XenyxFX12FX USB, BEHRINGER U-PHORIA UMC202HD Zoom R16 16 Track Recorder/Mixer. And I still Cannot Play Any Of Them!!!!




Kn7000, Genos and studio logics piano

Korg ..Yamaha Casio

Korg / Roland / Arturia / Moog

Korg 0/1W synth Korg PA 80 arranger Yamaha PSR S750

Korg Grandstage 71 Korg Opsix Korg N364

Korg i40m. PSR S770

Korg Krome

Korg Kronos 2, Yamaha MOX6, Roland Juno Gi, Yamaha Motif XS8, Korg Karma

Korg Kronos 73 MkI, Roland Fantom 7

Korg Kronos, Oasys Yamaha Tyros 4 Sound samples from East West and Native Instruments which are 90 procent used in creations.

Korg Kross 2 and Cakewalk plus loads of free VST`s

Korg microArranger

Korg PA 1000

Korg PA 1000

Korg PA 700 Yamaha PSR SX600

Korg Pa1000

Korg PA1000, Roland Bk-5 and korg MicroArranger

Korg Pa1000. Yamaha Tyros2. Yamaha CP300, Yamaha AR100, Technics KN2400, Technics KN5000, Kawai CP137, Ferrofish B4000+

korg pa2x

Korg PA2x + other bits and pieces

Korg pa2x pro

Korg PA300. I own various amps and speakers collected over the years but mainly use 2 x 1000w Mackie Thump power speakers for gigs, and a Zoom R16 for recording.

Korg pa3x

korg pa3x le

Korg Pa3x-61 through Bose L1 Mod. II w/ToneMatch. Two EV N/D257B mics through a Behringer Xenyx 802 mixer.

Korg pa4x

Korg Pa4X - Hammond SK1 - Yamaha Stagepas 1K

Korg PA4x 76 keys

Korg Pa4x with speaker

Korg Pa4x, Yamaha S970, Bose Compact, and 11 Guitars.

Korg PA4X. Previously just about all Roland, Ketron, Yamaha, Technics, Korg

Korg PA4X.Does a lot of the heavy lifting!

Korg pa50

Korg Pa600 / Casio Wk 3300

Korg PA700


Korg PA700

Korg PA700

Korg PA80


Kronos2 DSR115

Kurzweil PC 361 Casio WK 7500

Kurzweil SP4-7 Korg Krome 61 King Korg Roland Juno Gi Yamaha SY-22

Kurzweil SP4/8, Emu XBoard, Ableton Live, Logic Pro X

Les Paul Pro Standard, Strat copy, Yamaha 505 Piano, ukulele & 5 string Banjo plying BlueGrass.

Looking for a new keyboard as old one died on me.

Looking to make my first purchase.

Lowrey Rialto. Tyros 4 Roland Bk-7m

Lowrey Stardust SU 530

Lowrey Symphony Showcase,2 Casio keyboards, M audio Midi Keyboard, Melodica, Treble &amptenor Recorders &amp Accordion

M-Audio 88 and Novation 25 SL, plus a lot of Native Instruments plugins

M-Audio Oxygen 49 Midi Keyboard Varranger2 and Cakewalk DAW

Medelli AKX10, Genos, PSR-SX600, CSP170 piano


More PA4x

Mostly guitars, but 1 piano that I've had to detune to hold.


motif fx

Moxf6 MiniNova

My main instrument for now is a Casio WK-1800


Native Instruments 88 note controller keyboard

None currently, looking

None. Wishing to buy.

Not Known Till Login

Not Sure

Ok in the studio I runner 3 keyboards on a stack or Casio keyboards top keyboards2000 middle one is a Casio WK3800 and the bottom keyboard is a Casio k h 3700 my gigging keyboard is a Technics SX kn6000 Downstairs I have a tyros. 3 keyboard and a 920 orla juberlee .. Also have a home studio Have projused 8 albums and selling worldwide Working on 18 more

Organ, Orla Compact Theatre Jubilee Edition.

Organ: Yamaha AR 80 Keyboard: Tyros 4

Orla Modena Organ . Stunning Black Gloss Edition .


Pa4X,Audya 76, S970, Hammond SK1, SD40 Ketron Module


PN2T Twinset Tyros2 + Pedals later upgraded to T4. CVP107. Recently acquired KN7000



PSR S775

PSR 3000, PSR 740

PSR 3000, PSR 900, Technics GN7, Yamaha Electone 600, Piano

psr 3000,psr s-900.

PSR 500, a PSR S910, a T3, a T5 and finally the Genos

psr 9000 Tyros 3

PSR 910

Psr 970

PSR e433

PSR E453

psr e473

Psr s-970

psr s650

psr s670

PSR S670

PSR S750 DGX 640 V80 PSR S700

PSR S750

PSR S770

PSR S900

PSR S950

PSR S970

PSR S970

Psr Sq16 - Psr730 - Qy100 - Go44


Psr sx900


PSR-E433, PSR-E443

PSR-S550, Shure microphone, Behringer Xenyx 1204 USB mixer, one classic guitar, three western guitars and a Fender Stratocaster e-guitar



PSR-S910, L1 Compact




PSR-S950,Electone D65 Accordion




PSR3000 Tyros 3 IPad




PSRS750 and Laney Keyboard Amplifier



Ringway RS1000E


Roland Atelier

Roland Atelier AT 800 Yamaha Genos Korg EK 50 Vaious modules

Roland Bk 9.

Roland BK9 / BK7m / FP90

Roland E-60 Yamaha S-910 Hammond XE-1 Technics KN-3000 Wersi City-Rack KF-2 (Module)

Roland EXR5s


Roland G-70

Roland G70, Roland E-A7, M-Audio Code 61..

Roland G70-Tyros4& M audio 61-Bugari Accordeon

Roland HP 307 piano+ Korg i5 keyboard

Roland Juno

Roland Juno Stage.

Roland RD170 stage piano Kurzweil SP2XS Stage Piano Roland VR700 COmbo keyboard Yamaha TYros2 Hammond XK2 organ ROland VK-7 organ Kork X50 synth

Sadly only the Tyros 4 at the moment. I mainly use Magix for editing and multi-tracking.

Small Technics keyboard

solina string synth

Solton ms100

Speel op een Tyros5 76T



Technic GA3 Tyros 5 and wersi box all linked together with Midi.Also a Kawai piano.


Technics G100 Organ Technics Kn 7000 Yamaha Tyros 5 76 Hohner accordion

Technics kn 800 /1400/2600/6500

Technics KN-6500,Tyros 5,Prs3k, Korg Pa 1000

Technics kn6000

Technics KN6000

Technics SX KN7000

TechnicsKN 5000 Korg EK 50


Typos 5 76, Korg PA1x


Tyros + Psr-975 + Roland E86

tyros 1

Tyros 1 (2) Many more keyboards and Fender guitars. Recording Studios in England and Germany using CUBASE.

Tyros 1 and Tyros 5. Technics KN5000

Tyros 1 keyboard. I also now have a Tyros 5.

Tyros 1, Sonar X2 pro software.

Tyros 2 Genos


Tyros 2

tyros 2

Tyros 2

Tyros 2

Tyros 2

Tyros 2 Stagepass 300

tyros 2 tyros 4 Korg PA4X

Tyros 2&3 PSR s910

Tyros 3 s950 Tyros 5 Np31

Tyros 3

Tyros 3

Tyros 3

Tyros 3

tyros 3

Tyros 3

Tyros 3

Tyros 3

Tyros 3


Tyros 3 and 5

Tyros 3 and KRK Actice Speakersystem Shure 58 mic

Tyros 3 and PSR S900

Tyros 3 at present and several PSR models gathering dust.

Tyros 4 Bose model 2

Tyros 4 Epiphone Sheraton Guitar

Tyros 4 Genos

tyros 4 roland G70

Tyros 4 Genos

Tyros 4 PSR s950 Roland Atelier 90SL

tyros 4


Tyros 4

Tyros 4

Tyros 4

tyros 4

Tyros 4


Tyros 4

Tyros 4

Tyros 4

Tyros 4

Tyros 4

Tyros 4

Tyros 4

tyros 4



Tyros 4

Tyros 4

Tyros 4

Tyros 4

Tyros 4

Tyros 4

Tyros 4

Tyros 4

Tyros 4

tyros 4

tyros 4

Tyros 4 Ketron SD7 Genos PSRSX900

Tyros 4 & Psr S910 plus Stagepass 500 system.

Tyros 4 + M Audio 61 Keyboard Roland Atelier 80S Organ

Tyros 4 , Technics KN6500 and Yamaha AR80 organ

Tyros 4 /Genos

Tyros 4 and Hammond SK1

Tyros 4 and PSR-S950, combined in a cabinet like an organ

Tyros 4 PSR s950

Tyros 4 Stagepass 300

Tyros 4 Tyros 5 (76) TRX System Wersi Abacus Duo Pro.

tyros 4 tyros 5 BK 9 roland bose 2x compact

tyros 4 yamaha

Tyros 4, Korg Karma, Korg Mixer, Cubase.

Tyros 4,5, PSR S900, Korg PA4X Lowrey Baby Grand Piano Yamaha Pacifica Guitars ( Plank And Plunk ) ESP Guitar. Called Hm? Stagg 3/4 Strat Copy Guitar called Plankette Behringer And Yamaha Mixers Shure SM58's, Behringer Condenser Mics. Microkorg, Korg Liverpool, Korg Microarranger

Tyros 4,BOSE L1s,B1 bass speaker.Yamaha CVP 305 clavinova.Technics KN7000 Keyboard.

Tyros 4. Korg Kronos/Pa4x/Pa 600/M1/i3. Various soft synths. PSR 8000. Technics KN 5000. Roland VA 7. Kontakt 5. Roland A500-pro controller keyboard. Yamaha Montage 6. Genos. Steinberg WaveLab 6/Cubase. Reaper 5 Daw. Samplitude Pro Daw. 49 & 88 key controller keyboards. TC Helicon VoiceLive 2. Guitars & assorted bits and pieces. Tracktion Waves (8) Daw. PC dedicated just to record music.

Tyros 5

Tyros 5 Kawaii SR7

Tyros 5 Psr S750

Tyros 5 Roland A-800Pro midi kb

Tyros 5

Tyros 5

Tyros 5

Tyros 5

Tyros 5

Tyros 5

Tyros 5

Tyros 5

Tyros 5

Tyros 5

tyros 5

tyros 5

Tyros 5

Tyros 5

Tyros 5

tyros 5

Tyros 5

Tyros 5

Tyros 5

Tyros 5

Tyros 5

Tyros 5

Tyros 5

Tyros 5

Tyros 5 (76key)

Tyros 5 - (76 keys); Stagepass 300 Bechstein Upright acoustic Piano

Tyros 5 - 76

Tyros 5 - 76, Behringer P300

Tyros 5 -76

Tyros 5 and Yamaha U3 piano

Tyros 5 And EL70

Tyros 5 and vArranger

tyros 5 et ketron SD9

Tyros 5 Genos

Tyros 5 NP 30 PSR 9000 Tyros 2

Tyros 5 TRX and PSR970

Tyros 5 with Wharfedale speaker system.

Tyros 5, 76 key.

Tyros 5, Audya, MidjPro, Korg PA3x Guitars etc. etc.

Tyros 5, CP300, CPV 809, Roland Bk-7m, Motif XF 88

Tyros 5, Cubase, HS8 & HS8S Speakers

Tyros 5, Hammond A100, Leslie 125, Wersi Abacus Duo Pro

Tyros 5, Korg Kronos 61, Bose L1 compact

Tyros 5, Motif XS6, Korg M3, Roland JX305, Roland Gaia, Behringer UMX490, Yamaha Montage on order

Tyros 5, other keyboards/synths & studio equipment.

Tyros 5, PSR S910, PSR 6700

Tyros 5, s950, s910, Piagerro NVP 80, psr640 Yamaha acoustic guitar and a cute little yellow ukelele

Tyros 5, Tyros 4, Yamaha PSRS900 and Lowrey Baby Grand and now a Caramel Tenor Uke, a gift from Barry

Tyros 5-76 Pair of DRX 12 speakers

Tyros 5-76

Tyros 5-76

Tyros 5-76

Tyros 5-76 + all sorts of electrical gear!

Tyros 5-76 and Ketron module SD40

Tyros 5-76, Technics 7000 Stagepas 300, SR Club series 60/A

Tyros 5.

Tyros 5/61

Tyros 5/76

Tyros T4

tyros V, Audya IV, Bose L1, mixage QSC Touchmix.....

TYROS-4 & PSR3000





tyros3 /yamaha piano. YAMAHA PSR S950 YAMAHA GENOS

Tyros4 Technics Kn3000








tyros4 np30 hammond xpk 100

Tyros4, Genos, Roland amp

Tyros4, Korg PA900, PA = BOSE L2

Tyros4/P35 but expecting delivery later this week of CVP605

Tyros5 PSR-S750





Tyros5 76 key's and Ketron SD9 76 key's

Tyros5 76 keys

Tyros5 and TRX system

tyros5 and tyros1 and technics5

Tyros5 el70 korg dp80



Tyros5-76 Clavinova 605.

Tyros5-76, Deebach Max Plus. Accordiola Piano V, Accordiola Turandot and Hohner basso.

Tyros5/76, Tyros4, Tyros2, P90 piano,psr-3000



various diy organs, just got yamaha sx600

vArranger, SD2 sound module

was going to buy Tyros 5 but guy from lytham-st-annes who bought my Tyros 4 LE conned me out of money for it.

Wersi Verona GS 500

Wk 500 Casio



Yamaha psr 2100 Yamaha s950

Yamaha PSR-K1 " DGX 520 88 note keyboard

yamaha 3000


Yamaha AR 100. Challen Grand Piano

Yamaha AR100 Yamaha PSR S775 Korg PA50SD

Yamaha AR100

Yamaha AR80, CVP, Tyros5. Roland V accordion (just acquired) Various expanders, gizmos and a harmonica.

Yamaha Clavinova CVP 301 Yamaha Clavinova CVP 701 Yamaha PSR s970

Yamaha Clavinova CVP809. Wersi OAX1 with 76 note lower keyboard and 17 note pedals.

Yamaha Clavinova, Alesis 88, Alesis Vortex, Technics K200, Korg Microkorg

Yamaha Clavinova709

yamaha clp311

Yamaha cp

Yamaha CP30 Roland FA06 Roland KC 350

Yamaha cv405

Yamaha CVP 609 PE Wersi Abacus Duo

Yamaha CVP-307

Yamaha CVP-609

Yamaha CVP-609 Clavinova

yamaha cvp650

yamaha dgx 230

Yamaha DGX 500 Yamaha DX 11 Yamaha EL 70 Orla Ringway RS 400

yamaha dgx 620

Yamaha DGX Player

Yamaha DGX-230, Yamaha PSR-500, Casio CDP-220R

Yamaha DGX-640

Yamaha DGX-640

Yamaha digital piano P-85, AirMac computer, MBox2 powered by Pro Tools

Yamaha E463

Yamaha E463

yamaha el 40 tyros 4 x2

Yamaha EL70 organ

Yamaha EZ220

Yamaha FS-500, Tyros 5-76, and Genos

Yamaha Genos Bohm Sempra SE20 Kurzweil PC4 Dexibell Vivo S9

Yamaha Genos Hammond SK2

Yamaha Genos Roland AT350C

Yamaha Genos Several Ukuleles Very old guitar Harmonica

Yamaha Genos Technics KN2000

Yamaha Genos Yamaha P515

Yamaha genos

Yamaha Genos

Yamaha Genos

Yamaha Genos

Yamaha GENOS

Yamaha Genos

Yamaha Genos

Yamaha Genos

Yamaha Genos

Yamaha Genos

Yamaha genos

Yamaha Genos

Yamaha genos

Yamaha Genos

Yamaha Genos

Yamaha Genos & Orla Modena

Yamaha Genos and Roland G70

Yamaha Genos et Micro Shure SM58

Yamaha Genos Keyboard Bose L1 - Ukulele Guitar - Shure SM58 Microphone

Yamaha Genos keyboard, Yamaha AR100 Organ

Yamaha Genos, Yamaha psr-s950,

Yamaha Gernos

Yamaha HS8, Korg PA900 with pedals.Technics KN5000. and an Alto Saxophone.

Yamaha keyboard psr s950

Yamaha m06 psr970

Yamaha mofx8 , King Korg

Yamaha motif xf8

Yamaha MOXF8

Yamaha mx49 and Yamaha S910

Yamaha P250

Yamaha PRS 225

Yamaha PRS 423

Yamaha PRS-S670

Yamaha PRSe443

Yamaha psr

Yamaha PSR

Yamaha psr x600

Yamaha PSR -S910

Yamaha PSR 1100

Yamaha psr 2000

Yamaha PSR 3000 Yamaha PSR-S950 Yamaha Tyros 3

Yamaha PSR 3000

Yamaha PSR 550

yamaha psr 700

Yamaha PSR EW 400

Yamaha Psr K1, Tyros 4, Gem Wk4, Solton Ms60, Technics Kn5000, Korg Pa50sd Pa700

Yamaha PSR Keyboard, Roland E15 Keyboard

Yamaha PSR S700

Yamaha PSR S750

Yamaha PSR S750

yamaha PSR S750

Yamaha PSR S775

Yamaha PSR s900

Yamaha PSR S910 Yamaha HS80M Powered Monitor Speakers. TC Helicon Harmony M

Yamaha PSR S910

Yamaha PSR S910

Yamaha PSR s950 Casio PK 350 M Spacestation V3 Stereo System

Yamaha PSR S950 Korg PA700

Yamaha PSR S950 Technics KN 3000

yamaha psr s950

Yamaha PSR S970

Yamaha Psr s970

Yamaha PSR s970

Yamaha PSR s970 and Alesis Q61 midi controller.

Yamaha PSR S970, Tyros 5

Yamaha Psr Series

Yamaha psr sx600

Yamaha psr sx900

yamaha psr,s970

Yamaha psr-3000

Yamaha PSR-650

Yamaha PSR-740, PSR-9000, PSR-3000

Yamaha PSR-79 Various guitars

Yamaha PSR-910

Yamaha PSR-E363

Yamaha PSR-EW400, tiger stand, Panasonic Headphones

Yamaha PSR-OR700

Yamaha PSR-S-950 (2), PSR-S950, Bose L1 Compact (2), TC Helicon Harmony-M, Digitech VR (3), Barbetta Sona 32C, Crown CM311A (3), Samson Q7 (2), Samson Wireless, Sennheiser E855, Custom Console, Morgan 33 Out Island Sailboat, and lots of other silly stuff!

Yamaha PSR-S710

Yamaha PSR-S770 8 fingers, 2 fums and 1 daft brain

Yamaha PSR-s770

Yamaha PSR-S770

Yamaha PSR-S910 Yamaha MSR400 (x2) Yamaha RBX170 Bass

yamaha psr-s970

Yamaha PSR-SX700 Casio PS560 Privia E

Yamaha PSR-SX700

Yamaha PSR-SX900

Yamaha psr-sx900

Yamaha PSR-SX900

Yamaha PSR2100 + Cabs for gigs.

Yamaha PSR910--with Bose LT1

yamaha psrf50

Yamaha PSRS 950

Yamaha PSRS 950

Yamaha reface DX 3 guitars acoustic, 3/4 and a bass

yamaha s 900 .yamaha dgx 630. yamaha dgx 300 .casio wk 7600.

Yamaha s670

Yamaha S900

Yamaha S90XS Korg PA4X

Yamaha S910 Gibson Guitar

Yamaha s950 Yamaha cvp 605

Yamaha SX 900

Yamaha SX-900, Technics KN5000

Yamaha SX900, Marshall & Rose acoustic piano. Alto TS315 x 2 speakers, Profx10v3 mixer

Yamaha Tyros

Yamaha Tyros 1

Yamaha Tyros 2

Yamaha Tyros 3

Yamaha Tyros 3

Yamaha Tyros 3.

Yamaha Tyros 4

Yamaha Tyros 4

Yamaha Tyros 4

Yamaha Tyros 4

Yamaha Tyros 4

Yamaha Tyros 4

Yamaha tyros 4

Yamaha Tyros 4 &ampampamp a Genos

Yamaha Tyros 4 black

Yamaha Tyros 4 S.E. Roland VA-7 Roland EM2000

Yamaha Tyros 4 SE Korg PA1000 Stagepass 300 Behringer fold back AKG D5 Mic Signs, lights, and loads of leads

yamaha tyros 4 with hifi amp and two floor standing speakers

Yamaha Tyros 4, 2 Bose L1 Compact, T1 Bose Mixer, Alesis Fusion 6HD and Yamaha PSR 8000

Yamaha Tyros 4, Sonar

Yamaha Tyros 4,5 Korg PA4X, MicroArranger

Yamaha Tyros 5 Korg Pa1000

Yamaha Tyros 5 Korg pa2x Technics KN7000

Yamaha Tyros 5

Yamaha Tyros 5

Yamaha Tyros 5

Yamaha Tyros 5

Yamaha Tyros 5

Yamaha tyros 5

Yamaha Tyros 5

Yamaha Tyros 5

Yamaha Tyros 5

Yamaha Tyros 5

Yamaha Tyros 5 & Tyros 3

yamaha tyros 5 - 76 korg PA900

Yamaha Tyros 5 61 note. USA Fender Stratocaster Plus. Japanese Fender Stratocaster.

Yamaha Tyros 5 76 note Keyboard. Laptop for DJ work. Ipad as backup.

Yamaha Tyros 5 and NP 30 twinset

Yamaha Tyros 5 Roland G70 Roland G1000 Technics KN7000 Allen & Heath PowerMixer 2 x 500 RMS

Yamaha Tyros 5& Korg Pa4x

Yamaha Tyros 5, Korg PA4X, Korg Liverpool. Telecaster, Ukulele and iPad. :)

Yamaha tyros 5-76

Yamaha Tyros 5/76

Yamaha Tyros 5/76. PSR-S670 for the caravan.

Yamaha Tyros3 Roland E50 Yamaha MX49

Yamaha Tyros4

Yamaha Tyros5 Wersi Pegasus wing Ringway rs400 computer using Cubase software

Yamaha Tyros5

Yamaha XS, MX, Tyros 3 MG82CX mixing Console, Steinberg UR28M, Cubase plus PD & TP, CC121 controllers, a couple of Westfield Electric guitars and a Yamaha APX 700 II Acoustic guitar.

yamaha ypt 300