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                                       HALLOWEEN CHALLENGE 2023
                                       Jill & Judy's Fall Dance
                                       Strings And Things Challenge With Judy And Barry
                                       Toot Your Own Horn Challenge with Judy and JJ
                                       Colour Your Music World
                                       Summertime Challenge with Judy & JJ
                                       Film and TV Theme Challenge from Del and Judy
                                       Remembering The 50's Challenge With Judy And Barry
                                       The 40's & Before - Challenge by Eileen
                                       Stuck In The 60's Challenge
                                       Barry's Vocal Challenge
                                       Jim's Vowel Challenge
                                       Christmas Festival 2022
                                       Back To Broadway With Susie And Andy
                                       Halloween Event With JJ and Maureen
                                       Susie and Judy's Ballads Challenge
                                       Elvis Remembered
                                       Summertime Challenge With Judy & JJ
                                       Around The World Challenge With Judy And Barry
                                       The Black And White Keys Challenge
                                       Jim's Favourite Songs Challenge
                                       Lady Eileen's Dance Party
                                       Love and Romance Challenge
                                       Swingers and Big Band Event
                                       Christmas And Winter Festival
                                       Barry's 60's Fortnight
                                       Joyce's Climate Change Event
                                       Susie & Gary's Halloween Challenge 2021
                                       Eileen's Body Parts Challenge
                                       Susie And Gary's Easy Listening Challenge
                                       Gary's 2021 Elvis Challenge
                                       Rodney and Judy - 70's Music
                                       Jim's Waltz Challenge
                                       Gary 'N' Barry's Vocal Challenge
                                       JJ and Barry's Sit And Play or Play And Sing Challenge
                                       Joyce's LET'S RE-VISIT LIVE MUSIC - A Play and Tell Event
                                       My Favorite Songs Challenge by Jeff
                                       Gary's A TOUCH OF JAZZ Challenge
                                       Jill's Travel Challenge
                                       Eileen's Country Challenge
                                       Susie & Gary's Valentines Day and Love Songs Challenge
                                       Judy and Barry's American Bandstand Challenge
                                       Joyce's Songs Of Our Schooldays
                                       Gary's 'Let The Organist Entertain'
                                       KP Christmas Festival 2020 Now Open
                                       Walter's Challenge 1950's and 1960's Ballads
                                        Jill's "Songs with Girls or Guys Name in Title" Challenge
                                       Barry's Sit And Play Or Sit And Play Plus Challenge
                                       It's String Time With Judy and Barry
                                       Gary's Elvis Presley Challenge
                                       Susie and Walters Piano Challenge
                                       R&B or Blues or Soul or even Funk or Rock 'N' Roll Mini Challenge
                                       Gary's Country Music Challenge
                                       Barry's Sit And Play Challenge
                                       Eileen's Play It Your Way Challenge
                                       Susie‚Äôs Mini Classical Music Challenge
                                       Susie And Walter's Brass Challenge
                                       Love And Romance
                                       Gary's Mini Vocal Challenge
                                       Plucked Strings Event with JJ & Maureen
                                       Christmas Festival 2019 by The KP Team
                                       JJ & Maureen Christmas Composers Challenge 2019
                                       Walter's Woodwind Challenge
                                       JJ and Maureen's Halloween Special
                                       The Glorious Decade of the 1940's
                                       Judy And Susie's Around The World Ball
                                       Gary's August 2019 'ELVIS' Challenge Finale
                                       Judy And Barry's Mersey Beat Challenge Finale
                                       JJ And Maureen's 'Going Places' Finale
                                       Walter's Waltzes, Polka's And Marches Finale
                                       Composers Winter To Spring Challenge Finale
                                       Gary and Barry's 50's to the 80's Vocal Challenge - Finale
                                       Eileen's Play It Your Way Challenge Finale
                                       JJ And Maureen's 4 Elements Challenge Finale
                                       Welcome to The KP Team's 2018 Christmas Event Finale
                                       JJ & Maureen's Halloween Party Finale 2018
                                       JJ & Maureen with the Animals Finale
                                       Gary's Songs From The Billboard Top 500 Finale
                                       The BeeJays Ballad Challenge
                                       The American Hit Parade Challenge
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